Greetings, I come in peace…

Good morning/afternoon/evening to you, and congratulations on stumbling across this unfortunate blog.

To introduce myself I’m a university economics student (I will not tell you which university for fear of judgement), and to be quite frank feel more than slightly out of my depth with this blog. However, my aim is to provide some sort of perspective or insight to the all things economics, even if it is somewhat naive or misguided. I assume many posts will be current affairs related, nether the less right now, I’m just prepared to see where this bad boy goes.

As far as my position within the various economics schools of thought, I would classify myself as neither right nor left. I feel it can often be foolish to tag someone as left or right as it sets a preconceived stereotype about said person. In other words, there are drawbacks to both sides. This will most likely have annoyed some of you so, for your satisfaction, if I really was forced to limit myself to a stereotype; fiscally conservative, socially liberal, generally pragmatic. However my broader view is that no strand of economics has ever succeeded truly in providing sustained and equitable economic growth over a long period of time, and thus economics as whole needs radically changing. More on that later, but for now…




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